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>The cowboy metaphors are tooo glamorous. Management is much more
>intellectual than being a drover! It is more like herding cats than sheep
>or cows. :-)
I don't but *any* of the following:

>Bill Fulkerson
>> Scott used cowboy metaphors for management
> > Traditonal - Lots of wear and tear, imposed stress, sleepless nights,
>> yelling and shooting -- but it works, you do get the cattle to their
>>(final?) destination.

Managers are just another type of worker dealing with their own types of
problems. Yes, there is a "drive" mentality ... but applied to any other
worker, would you say it was bad that this or that person had

Yes, there is a common direction (goal) - would any of us prefer to be
sans goals?

It used to be that the market demanded reapeatable results.
But if its repeatable then its copyable - pardon my abuse of the

Today we need UNrepeatable results - else we are not unique, else we
cannot offer true value as customers are, in fact, custome - one of a kind
with one of a kind needs, desires, requirements, . . . Management must see
these types of changes in the external world then figure out a way to
transform that which exists (and likes to stay the same) to that which is
required for the new force. And try to do this in digestible increments.

Without change, with constancy in the environment ext- and in-ternal there
exists zero need for management. In that case management is a poor
substitute, dare I say placebo, for self discipline.

Some one whom I regard as wise on the face of it said: "You get a union
when you deserve a union." Likewise "You get management when you deserve
management." Substitute "need" for "deserve" and the statements lose

What is it with LO and this self flagellating need to seperate
"management" from "workers" - talk about prejudice. Sheeeeeese!!!!

Management is the art, science, and guesswork of seeing what is and what
must be through a wide range of blurry lenses and attempting to resolve
these into a gestalt which allows organization, profits, and jobs -
doesn't matter which order - to survive and, if possible prosper.

Its no more (or less) difficult than that. Nor more (or less) mysterious.

Hal Popplewell
Chairman; IntelliSys Companies


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