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Sun, 31 Mar 1996 22:48:59 -0600 (CST)

Replying to LO6319 --

Trond Sjovoll wrote about his experience with a client group in which they
talked about leadership and...

>In about 15 minutes the group come up with almost 160 expressions of what
>leadership is to them.

Then Trond listed many of these, such as:

>Leaders ...
>Leaders always look for ways to improve
>Leaders don t complain
>Leaders encourage others
>Leaders have faith in themselves
>Leaders have faith in others
>Leaders have faith in the organization
>Leaders keeps others in mind
>Leaders look outside the company
>Leaders are able to "let go"

and so on.

Did you ever notice the strong relationship between the traits of great
leaders and the traits of great human beings? Do you think that tells us
something about what human potential is all about? Do you notice, as
well, that leadership is about bringing out the best in everyone to the
benefit of all? Might this be yet another affirmation of the value of
taking a holistic view of our humanity, in and out of the context of

John Woods

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