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> Marc Wullings and his colleague set an ambitious question
> How can organizational design be adjusted to facilitate organizational

I just read a very eye-opening article by Karl Weick "Organizational
Redesign as Improvisation" [in "Organizational Change and Redesign" Edited
by George Huber and Wiilaim Glick : ISBN 0-19-510115-4].

His basic point is that we normally look at organization DESIGN as a noun,
but we should view it as a verb. The key is not THE design but designING
-- the ongoing process that involves learning, adaptation, etc. Weick's
article will shatter many current paradigms -- but it makes sense for
organizations in today's environment. [Pardon the pun -- Sense-making is
another of Weick's key concepts]

Weick's 1979 book, "The Social Psychology of Organizing" may make a
'comeback' the same way a few of Marshall McLuhan's books have done

Valdis Krebs
Krebs & Associates
Los Angeles, CA


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