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Sat, 30 Mar 96 17:13:24 UT

Last Tuesday I facilitated a brain-writing exercise on 'Leadership' and
'What a leader is' with about 20 leaders and middle managers at one of my

In about 15 minutes the group come up with almost 160 expressions of what
leadership is to them.

The result of the exercise proves once again that Knowing is one thing,
Doing is something totally different. (Like I have said before: When
everything is said and done, FAR more is SAID than DONE.)

So over the next few months we will continue to work on developing
environments condusive to the expression of these leadership traits, as
well as on the fostering of the partnerships and the personal confidence
and relatedness that will allow the increased expression of leadership and
direction to take place in the organization.

Please don't look at the list as THE Answer to what Leadership is. It is
merely an interesting expression by a group of leaders and middle managers
of what to them collectively consitutes leadership. Please enjoy the list,
and be inspired by it.

Trond Sjovoll
TS Leadership Consulting

Leaders ....

Leaders always look for ways to improve
Leaders don t complain
Leaders encourage others
Leaders have faith in themselves
Leaders have faith in others
Leaders have faith in the organization
Leaders keeps others in mind
Leaders look outside the company
Leaders are able to "let go"
Leaders allow others to grow by delegating to them
Leaders speak clearly and understandably
Leaders look at things globally, not in littlest detail
Leaders generate a positive attitude
Leaders are relaxed and present
Leaders know the value of friends and family
Leaders read
Leaders teach
Leaders share their skills
Leaders present themselves professionally
Leaders do what they believe in, and believe in what they do
Leaders provide guidance to those they work with
Leaders have loyalty to all people
Leaders let workers know how important they are to the company
Leaders know their role in the bigger picture
Leaders earn respect, don t demand it
Leaders aren t afraid of the ramifications of their decisions
Leaders believe they have the power and ability to act
Leaders are willing to take risks
Leaders are willing to learn from their mistakes
Leaders understand
Leaders need support
Leaders put good of the whole before self
Leaders take time for their people
Leaders can quickly assess a situation and take appropriate action
Leaders generate feedback
Leaders can laugh at themselves
Leaders come in many styles
Leaders are not afraid to admit they don t have all the answers
Leaders are fair and promotes fairness
Leaders truly care about co-workers
Leaders are knowledgeable
Leaders put others first
Leaders build teams
Leaders don t let their emotions run their life
Leaders motivate people and promote their skills
Leaders encourage employees to be their best
Leaders are disciples
Leaders know how to have fun
Leaders are creative
Leaders keep abreast of changes
Leaders communicate information to staff
Leaders are servants
Leaders take initiatives and responsibility
Leaders take action
Leaders are friendly and concerned about their people
Leaders communicate
Leaders have visions for themselves and their co-workers
Leaders listen
Leaders share their knowledge
Leaders provide direction
Leaders act and participate
Leaders lead by example
Leaders provide positive reinforcement to employees
Leaders get to know their employees
Leaders see the big picture
Leaders recognize that they are subject to higher authority
Leaders make decisions
Leaders are visionaries
Leaders make suggestions to improve processes
Leaders inspire
Leaders are open-minded
Leaders are adventurous
Leaders are open to suggestions from others
Leaders compliment others
Leaders give people confidence in themselves
Leaders believe in what they do and who they do it for
Leaders are personally liked by their people
Leaders think out of the box
Leaders don t put themselves on a pedestal
Leaders express their goals on paper
Leaders prepare themselves and their people for future advancements and
Leaders know no gender
Leaders is open to feedback
Leaders are assertive
Leaders are coaches
Leaders provide support
Leaders look at the whole
Leaders are willing to bend
Leaders are nurturers
Leaders coordinate
Leaders are energetic
Leaders build
Leaders know the strengths and weaknesses of others
Leaders protect us from negative internal and external forces
Leaders provide an environment of trust and concern
Leaders protects us from waste and bureaucracy
Leaders treats everyone as an individual
Leaders are people you re not afraid to approach about anything
Leaders bring out the best in all of us
Leaders make mistakes
Leaders are involved
Leaders don t sit in glass houses
Leaders employ the strength and skills of those around them
Leaders don t put others down to build themselves up
Leaders are respected
Leaders are liked by those around them
Leaders don t hold grudges
Leaders empower
Leaders are zealous
Leaders do external analysis
Leaders plan for the future
Leaders express their opinions in a respectful manner
Leaders are proactive
Leaders understand their affect on others
Leaders treat others as teammates
Leaders anticipate change
Leaders are energizing forces in the organization
Leaders aren t held in by others or by policies
Leaders challenge us all
Leaders are coachable
Leaders ensure the success of others
Leaders facilitate
Leaders enjoy working with people
Leaders give praise
Leaders are honest
Leaders need coaches
Leaders improves themselves continuously
Leaders have a sense of humor
Leaders help people work out problems without taking over the ownership of
the problems
Leaders give suggestions, not just solutions
Leaders are available
Leaders understand human psychology
Leaders follow through on requests, and do so in a timely fashion
Leaders don t let people down
Leaders are positive
Leaders have good intentions
Leaders are passionate
Leaders mediate
Leaders make others feel good
Leaders have strong beliefs
Leaders are involved in organizations and activities outside their own
Leaders can deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly
Leaders enable
Leaders are trustworthy
Leaders support co-workers ideas
Leaders are courageous
Leaders are trusting
Leaders are considerate
Leaders share ideas
Leaders foster an environment of learning and creativity
Leaders are quick
Leaders give verbal direction
Leaders are decisive
Leaders listen carefully
Leaders don t have all the answers, but know the resources to get the answers
Leaders persevere
Leaders promote their people in a variety of ways


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