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Fri, 29 Mar 1996 11:21 CST

Replying to Rick Karash's comment on Ray Evans Harrell's post in Oscar

(sorry for the convolution - i think its gramatikly corekt)

Ray wrote:
> Hey gang we got Oscars. Pocahontas
> Best musical score
> Best song

Rick commented:

>[Host's Note: For newcomers to the LO list, Ray has been away from the
>list for a while on an intense project. I don't know to whom he refers
>when he says "We" in the msg above. When he comes back down to earth,
>maybe we'll hear more. Ray is director of the Magic Circle Opera
>Repertory Ensemble in New York.]

Ray has made several references to his Native American background and has
also sent us some wonderfully spiritual messages from that tradition. I
may not agree that the movie "Pocahontas" was worth making, but if Ray
sees a symbol here in support of a badly abused native tradition, then I'm
pleased that he's pleased.



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