Signing off; Good-bye LO6296

Antonio Espin (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 10:27:26 -0600

Hello everybody,

Just to thank you all for the very insightful information you all are
contributing. It really amazes me how many valuable information is comming
from you.

I most sign off temporarily because I'm on vacation next week. But I'll be
back (was it Douglas MacArthur or Arnold Schwarzeneger's original quote?).
Hope I don't miss any important subject. Wish you the best this Holly Week
and Easter.

(Rick, I dont' think I have told you how much I, and think everybody on
the list, appreciate your effort. Many thanks)

Jose-Antonio Espin
Vox/Fax: (+52.73) 14.35.89
Industrial Engineering Department
ITESM-Campus Morelos
Apdo.Postal 99-C
Cuernavaca, MEXICO 62050

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