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I've been lurking on this list for the past six months. I apologize that
I've never introduced myself, but based on the article in _Fast Times_,
I'm probably in the majority here. [Host's Note: I think the reference is
to the article in "Fast Company" magazine.]

I guess that I want to inject a dose of reality into what Dave Birren has
been writing, and the response given. Sorry that I didn't discuss this
with you first, Dave. For the rest of you, you should know that I work
with Dave on occasion, but we're in two different parts of the agency.
Dave also introduced me to this list.

First, yes, we are going through a major reorganization. It is difficult,
because a lot of lives are being SIGNIFICANTLY changed, mine included.
What we, at the staff level have been observing is that the more things
change, the more they stay the same.

Regarding empowerment - At the staff level, this is seen as hollow talk.
In a recent situation, the "empowered staff" found out what that really
means: if you make the same decision that the boss would have made, then
you're empowered. If you don't make the same decision, then be prepared
to bear the consequences, even if you try to point out that you're
supervisors are somehow incorrect or inconsistent.

I'm afraid that this message could get me in hot water. But, there are a
lot of messages proffered on this list that are based more in theory, less
in reality.

That's my $0.02 worth (and it could be my paycheck).

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