Reality Check LO6291
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 10:06:13 -0500

Every once in while it is quite beneficial to have someone smack us up
side the head, get our attention, and ask us to reevaluate the situation
as to whether we're really on "the path" or are we simply mired in fantsy
believing our own BS.

And the more we learn the more relevant this question becomes because
learning has a tendency to lull us into believing we know the answers.

I make these comment after just attending a workshop hosted by Leadership
Dynamics/Johnsonville Foods and facilitied by Linda Honold of Empowerment
Systems. This workship profiled the 14 year journey of Johnsonville Foods
in search of innovative methods of cretaing a customer driven organization
with an unparralled level of committed employee involvement focused on
producing "RESULTS." The lessons learned by Johonsonville along their
journey were most enlightening.

Additional information on this program can be obtained Elaine Crawford at
(414) 459-7139.

Gene Bellinger


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