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25 Mar 96 18:37:07 EST

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In System Cannot Understand Itself LO6191, Michael McMaster commented:

>There's another part of this "objectivity" thinking that has just
>struck me (again) with great force. In recent interview work with
>executives of a new client, I've noticed that they only count a small
>percentage of the whole organisation as intelligent beings.

It just goes to prove that the Square Wheels are really everywhere and the
round wheels are in the wagon.

Leadership gets isolated from the wagon by the very rope that they use to
pull it forward.

And, "A Desk *IS* a Dangerous Place From Which to View The World."

That's why my ideal model of the world is one where top managers train
their support people and the support people train theirs and so forth.
The Mission / Visions / Goals cascade down and the specific improvement
ideas work their way up from the lower levels, where people have their
hands on the wagon.

Everyone needs to realize that everyone has ideas and suggestions for
improving the wagon on the journey forward.

BTW, a free transparency of my illustration, Square Wheels One, is
available FREE (along with some marketing materials) to anyone who would
like to see or use it! Just send me a mailing address.

For the Fun of It!


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