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You are invited to attend:

Living the Future: Process Improvement and Organizational Change at the
University of Arizona Library.

Join the librarians and classified staff at the University of Arizona
Library for a demonstration on how an academic library is transforming
itself by turning uncertainty and change into innovative improvements for
staff and customers.

The Program

Living the Future: Process Improvement and Organizational Change at the
University of Arizona Library is a five track program, with a plenary
session each morning and afternoon, followed by three to four concurrent

Topics Include:

Process improvements--efforts and results
The team-based organization: theory and promises
Transforming organizational culture
A historical overview of library restructuring: from hierarchy to
team-based organizations
Changing roles: librarians and staff as the new decision makers
Restructuring: staff development/human resource issues
Staff -driven planning and budgeting
Becoming a learning organization
Valuing diversity: progress and understanding
Needs assessment and customer satisfaction

When : Wednesday 5:00 p.m. - Saturday, May 1-4
Where: The University of Arizona; Tucson
Cost: $290 ($100) for full-time students
Presenters: University of Arizona Librarians and Library Staff

You can get more information and register by visiting our World Wide
Web site:


Register by emailing the following information to

Please register me for Living the Future
Conference code: 61ULLIB214. Cost: $290

I am a full-time student. Please register me at the $100 student
rate. My student ID# is:______________

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Amount to be charged $ _______________________________________

Name of cardholder, if different from above: _________________________

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