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Dr. Scott J. Simmerman (74170.1061@compuserve.com)
25 Mar 96 18:36:45 EST

Replying to LO6181 --

Chris Johnson,in Burnout? LO6181, wrote a healthcare worker said:

>"I was disciplined, but am now program-based and have been
>matrix managed through restructuring and reorganization to
>become an integrated community-based service. I am now part of a
>team that has been rebuilt by Total Quality Management to be
>reformed for devolution to be transferred or merged to district
>boards with coterminous boundaries that are amalgamated or
>affiliated. I have had input through the collaborative and
>consultative process in a family friendly workplace"

>If someone came along who had never heard of TQM or LO would
>that person have the slightest clue what this health care worker
>was talking about? -

Chris --

I've got a Ph.D. in psychology, chair a chapter of the American
Society for Quality Control, am on two national committees on
management development, been active in TQM for about 6 years,
speak internationally on issues of quality and management, been
consulting since 1978, and I don't have the foggiest idea what was
he/she said or meant. But, thanks for sharing that!

If your toungue is in your cheek, let me say, "Good One!" and
"Most excellent, dude."

Yet you strike a real note: How do we expect people we work with
to understand the issues and realities if we can't communicate
simply and elegantly.

For the Fun of It!


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