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I've been involved in management and organisational development for the
last 18 years and in privatre practice for the last 8. My clients have
ranged from multinational oil majors, through banks, to local governments,
hospitals and voluntary organisations. I have worked in a number of
different cultures in SE Asia, West Africa and in Europe.

My first real job was in Local Government followed by 10 years in
university level management education. At what is now the University of
East London I was involved in the innovative PostGrad Diploma in
Management by Self Managed Learning. Students (post experience postgrad
managers) on this programme defined their own curriculum and how they were
to be assessed through a dialogue with other students and a set advisor
from the faculty (my role). Assessment at the end of the programme was by
self and peers including the set advisor. Sets then had to demonstrate
the rigour of the assessment process to external examiners. An
academically challenging learning community within an organisation
ostensibly of and for learners.

I have a degree in architecture and a masters in Management Science. My
continuing professional development has included NLP (very behavioural),
work with Robert Fritz on the Creative Process (what Senge calls Personal
Mastery) and on structural consulting - a very powerful technique. I find
Fritz's thinking very challenging at both a personal and a professional
level and know I have lots still to learn from the questions he poses.

Most recently I have been working in the quality/process improvement area.

I am an associate of Process Management International, a Deming based
process improvement consultancy and training organisation here in the UK.
A group of PMI associates and principles have formed a Senge archetypes
study group which is in the process of becomming a British Deming
Association Research Group.

My main interests are in organisational design and development. When I am
not travelling I am busy here in my home town of Stroud (on the edge of
the Cotswolds) helping to run a community planning process involving local
people, local businesses and the local government authorities (see the
Learning Communities thread). I initiated this process almost 9 months
ago. We have started with aspirations instead of the traditional SWOT
analysis and it is making for an exciting, engaging and energising process
to revitalise the local economy.

It is really good to feel part of this community.



Alan Mossman e-mail 100733, The Change Business Ltd voice (+44) 01453 765611 19 Whitehall Stroud GL5 1HA England fax (+44) 01453 752261

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