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Charlie Holdener (
26 Mar 96 22:12:26 EST

Replying to LO6206 -- was: Alan Mossman intro

You wrote:

"We have started with aspirations instead of the traditional SWOT analysis
and it is making for an exciting, engaging and energising process to
revitalise the local economy."

Our school district here is one year into trying to define a new vision
for itself. I attended a few public sessions last year and am now on a
"Goal Writing" subcommittee, my first chance to get involved. My sense is
that this has taken a somewhat traditional, plodding approach. For
example, our task now seems to be to list every possible thing that could
be in the curriculum and then to somehow refine that into something. My
sense, which I have been pushing, is that this is backwards, that instead
we should be exploring openly what we really want from our schools, and
for our children, asking ourselves what really matters to us and taking
the time to really try to answer them, and THEN look at curriculum (means
to the ends). While I am not alone when I bring these things up, sometimes
I do have second thoughts. Your comment struck a chord that that is what I
am trying to do here, and validates it for me, so Thank You..

I have also read Fritz's two books on the creative process and found the
ideas very helpful and will be attending one of his workshops in April, so
I was glad to hear the positive note on that as well.



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