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Sun, 24 Mar 1996 15:08:38 -0800 (PST)


I just walked into my neighbourhood bookstore and through serendipity, a
copy of Daniel Quinn's book "Ishmael" was in front of me which I proceeded
to flip through.

I think a solution to the double binds that Ishmael goes through is by
increasing capabilities that allow us to continue to create things that
meet others values and to get things in return.

There's a lot of double binds, catch-22's, conundrums, and system
archetypes that Ishmael goes through in the book.

Increasing capabilities that allow us to create is a way to circumvent
the issue of enforcment in getting things in return for things we deliver
to others.

I think Ishmael would agree with me. On page 250 of the paperback, he
says something about inventing. I may have this wrong, but it seems like
he offers it as a solution of sorts.

[Host's Note: _Ishmael_ is a wonderful novel in which "a man and a
gorilla embark on an intellectual adventure that will redefine what it
means to be human." It is the winner of the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship to
encourage fiction that produces creative and positive solutions to global
problems. _Ishmael_ by Daniel Quinn, Bantam/Turner, 1992, also in

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