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On Sat, 23 Mar 1996, John Zavacki wrote:

> * On 9 Mar 1996, Dr. Scott J. Simmerman wrote:
> * > 2 - Isn't it really actionable behaviors, measurable change(s) in
> * > behavior or attitude, and other similar "outputs" that work to define
> * > effectiveness?
> * I don't think this is a part of Senge's idea of a LO.
> All behavior, whether that of
> clockworks or organizations is measurable in terms of both process levels
> and outputs.

I agree with that. I was referring to the second part of the sentence,
"measurable change(s).....". I think Senge's ideas of a LO addresses
_surfacing_ behaviours and attitude. I don't think he addresses changing
behaviours and attitude.

[I think it's possible that current systems thinking tools allow owners to
find out who in the organization shares their mental models.]

> The production system, or the orderfulfillment system
> don't work without the people, but unless they are designed with
> control points and feedback mechanisms, they tend more rapidly towards
> entropic decay and nonexistence.

I think this is one of the ways that the owners of a corporation
(shareholders), are able to "remove" themselves from day to day business

[So I wonder what tools an organization would need that could allow
achievement of extropy - unlimited potential?]

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