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On 8 Mar 96 at 12:03, Dave Birren, MB-5, 608-267-24 wrote:

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> Perhaps an LO is simply a group of people who share as one of their
> operating principles the idea that they don't have all the answers,
> that they're better off keeping an open mind than assuming that they
> know all they need to know.
> Seems to me all the talk about learning follows from that.

If we assume the notions of:
Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, and
Systems Thinking as the kernel elements of the Learning Organization,
can we accept Dave's definition? Is it the "talk about learning"
which follows, or does the acceptance of the need for constant and
continuous learning in an organization create a need to learn about
systems and the knowledge needed to improve them? Is the Learning
Organization an organization which seeks to know more about learning
or about itself?

The forms and methods of learning are good for both the attainment of
personal mastery and the ascendancy of the mental model to that of the
group, but it is the system which is of the highest value in the
organization, the synergy which creates wealth, security, and other
values to society and it is that which must be nurtured.

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