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Andrew wrote:

* On 9 Mar 1996, Dr. Scott J. Simmerman wrote:

* > 2 - Isn't it really actionable behaviors, measurable change(s) in
* > behavior or attitude, and other similar "outputs" that work to define
* > effectiveness?

* I don't think this is a part of Senge's idea of a LO.

* Andrew Moreno

I have to disagree with you here, Andrew. All behavior, whether that of
clockworks or organizations is measurable in terms of both process levels
and outputs. Senge, as a proponent of Deming, assumes an underlying
system of statistical analysis and feedback mechanisms. One of the
constant problems I have with people trying to "do" LO's or TQM is the
confusion of the extensions of the underlying systems to the human side of
quality with the system itself. The production system, or the
orderfulfillment system don't work without the people, but unless they are
designed with control points and feedback mechanisms, they tend more
rapidly towards entropic decay and nonexistence.

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