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On Sun, 10 Mar 1996, Dr. Ivan Blanco wrote:

> Andrew, one thing I try to do with my students is that they not only have
> a lot of brain power but a lot of social power as well.

Consummate schmoozers have a lot of brain power to be able to manage all
their "connections". It's amazing how much detail and dynamic complexity
is involved.

> The system has
> been very effective in shutting people's brains.

Well, everyone has vested interests. The challenge is to increase
benefits for everyone involved while maintaining everyone's vested

> So my
> question is how can we get people to understand this, to be willing to use
> their own brain power, etc.?

Well, I think an even more useful question is, "How can organizational
learning practitioners deliver to as many people as possible while
maintaining high quality".

I was thinking about automated systems for generating double-loop
learning, something like an AI. John O'Neill will probably develop this
before I will.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if you can get people to be willing
to use their own brain power. I think the best that you can hope for is
to make sure that somehow, through serendipity, the percentage that are
willing to use their own brain power, according to your criteria,
somehow make it into your radar and into your universities.

I don't even know if _I_ would be willing to use my own brain power
according to your criteria. I haven't figured out how to "schmooze" or
even make things win/win in the "real world", not cyberspace.

> Of course, there are still some that prefer to be told, led be their
> hands, etc.

Well, one very important thing I learned is to increase the quality of
the decisions that I make by pre-determining my criteria for relevant
contexts and then choosing between alternatives for those contexts.

I learned "through the school of hard knocks" that making decisions
based on _other people's criteria_ is a recipe for disaster.

If you can get those students to _go inside_ and make decisions based on
_their own_ criteria, that would be great!

Unfortunately I can only speak theoretically about this since I haven't
figured out how to deal with the dynamic and detail complexity that this
approach requires.

It will be great when I do figure it out!

Andrew Moreno


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