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Andrew Moreno (amoreno@broken.ranch.org)
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On Wed, 20 Mar 1996, William J. Hobler, Jr. wrote:

> IMHO a
> corporation exists to survive, and will do most anything to make that
> happen. If the corporation is a business, then being able to successfully
> compete in the market is the goal. A charitable corporation must compete
> for donations and political organizations for constituents.

> What is the task of a Learning Organization?
> [stuff snipped]

I think the goal for a business or organization is to maximize created
value for other entities and then get something in return.

I think that competition presupposes a few things; there is a limited
ability for a business to create value or a limited ability for customers
to give something in return.

I think the task for a Learning Organization is to find ways to make that
system win-win and to increase benefits for all parties involved.

One way towards that goal is to increase capabilities for creating value
and developing mechanisms to select entities to deal with based on a
ability to provide something in return.

> Is a LO a means or an end?

John Warfield wrote earlier regarding something like levels of goals. If
you'll agree with me that a goal is to increase people's well-being and
living standards world wide, then LO is a means towards that goal.

> What is needed is understanding of the relationships that
> effect performance.

> It
> means learning the corporation as a system of relationships and absorbing
> them into, IMHO, the beliefs on the organization's ladder of inference.

I agree with these comments.

> Creativity is built on consummate knowledge of the art.

I think that high performers (high-level organizational learning
practitioners and organizational leaders that are successful in making
things win/win) have
a) the ability to build internal representations inside their heads that
they are able to translate systematically and methodically to external
b) extremely high brainpower to be able to manage detail and dynamic
complexity and make decisions on vast amounts of information.

Andrew Moreno


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