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Thu, 07 Mar 1996 21:44:06 EST

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David Reed said in LO6006

> Which then says to me, if more employees were shareholders of their
> corporations, then the circle would be completed and the corporation
> would be providing for a good life for its employees. Has any systems work
> been done on this?

Interesting question. Perhaps part of the current structure (as in "we
have met the enemy and it is us") can be desribed as such

- employees invest their savings in mutual funds, expecting maximum
- mutual funds grow in size as huge amounts of money are shifted to
equity mutual funds
- mutual fund managers yield greater influence allowing them to make
demands of company CEOs and boards to maximize profit
- company CEOs layoff workers to maximize profit

We come full circle.

This might explain why downsizings are occurring even as companies are
making record earnings. They are expected to "maximize" their earnings,
not stop at a certain level. Anybody heard a mutual fund manager
demand a CEO retain their employment level while maximizing profits ?

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