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Replying to LO & Big Layoffs LO5964 (what are organisations for?)
Gary says:
> Corporations exist to make a profit, add value to society and to
> provide jobs. The challenge today is society has become global. To
> provide value to a global society is much more complex.
and Micheal added:
> This is fresh in my mind from a moment in a workshop yesterday with
> 60 of the leadership of a single company when one senior executive
>said (as a matter of fact), "We exist for profit" and another
> responded quite heatedly (and as a matter of fact), "We exist to
> serve customers" and a more junior executive said (as a matter of
> fact), "We exist to provide a good life for our employees".

First of all, we are equating organizations with corporations in this
discussion. If this is our desire, then I must add that
Corporations are responsible for providing value ($) for shareholders;
Corporations are made up people;
People work to (primarily) provide for a certain lifestyle

Which then says to me, if more employees were shareholders of their
corporations, then the circle would be completed and the corporation would
be providing for a good life for its employees. Has any systems work been
done on this?

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