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On Thu, 7 Mar 1996 CrbnBlu@aol.com wrote:
> At the end of the three weeks this person commented to the effect that
> they were amazed at how much they had learned from themself during our
> meetings.
> And there was also probably a thought regarding why, if they learned so
> much from themself during this time, did they bother to pay me.

A company had a complex problem with their boiler system so they brought
in a boilermaker. This boilermaker pondered the situation for 15 minutes
and then gave the boiler a little tap with a red hammer. The boiler
sputtered and then started working again.

When the boilermaker presented the company with the bill, they were
outraged at the fact that the expert only spent 15 minutes, yet was
charging a relatively large amount of money.

The boilermaker responded with a short letter;

For tapping the hammer $ 1
For knowing where to tap $ 999


Andrew Moreno


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