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Thu, 7 Mar 1996 02:12:39 -0500

Just wanted to share an experience.

I had an opportunity to be involved in an organizational design effort
during the last 3 weeks of Feb. During that time I spent 1 to 2 hrs a day
with the director of a 250 person organization. During those sessions I
never attempted to convince this person of anything, yet simply attempted
to develop deeper levels of understanding regarding organization
structure, measurements, incentives, rewards, policies, procedures,
leadership, management, and beliefs. This was done by simply by asking
quesitons, and quesitons about the implications of the answers to
questions, etc. etc..

At the end of the three weeks this person commented to the effect that
they were amazed at how much they had learned from themself during our

And there was also probably a thought regarding why, if they learned so
much from themself during this time, did they bother to pay me.

I found it a marvelous experience and consider it rather Taoist in nature.
When the sage has finished his work the people will say, "We did it

Gene Bellinger



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