Emergent Learning LO6066

Dave Birren, MB-5, 608-267-2442 (BIRRED@dnr.state.wi.us)
Sat, 9 Mar 1996 00:48 CST

Replying to Andrew Moreno in Emergent Learning LO6040:

Gene Bellinger told a story about how much his client learned from talking
to him for three weeks. Andrew responded with the story of the
boilermaker who fixed the boiler with a single tap of his hammer and then
billed the customer as follows:

>For tapping the hammer $ 1
>For knowing where to tap $ 999

The difference between the two stories is that in listening to his client,
Gene in effect enabled the client to learn something, whereas the
boilermaker kept his knowledge to himself. What an elegant example of
what a learning organization is and is not.




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