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Hello L.O.'s. My name is Peter Jones. I stumbled across your site a few
weeks ago while looking for information on team performance management.
Since then I've read The Fifth Discipline and become an ardent Sengie.
What a great book!

One aspect that fascinates me is the DELAY. My day to day experience
tells me that it's easy to be wise after the event but not so easy to cope
with a DELAY when you're actually experiencing it. And yet how we behave
in DELAY situations seems to be critical. It seems to me to have a lot in
common with LAG concept described in Strategy of the Dolphin, Lynch &
Kordis, 88. Do you agree?

In my business for example I may present several clients down here in New
Zealand, with training proposals etc. I then wait for a response. And
wait. The question then arises: Do I keep putting in new proposals with
new prospective clients or do I wait? I know my resources are limited and
I don't want to let any of my clients down. So I put in another proposal
and hope the timing works out. If I wait I might go out of business. If
I don't wait I risk not being able to give the standard of service to my
clients that I want to give them. Understanding the system dynamics
doesn't necessarily make it any easier to cope with. Delays are hell. Any
suggestions would be welcome!

A few years ago I was involved with training PACE teams (Quality Circles).
These orginated in Del Monte and Nabisco. Any old Pace people out there?
Pace did incidentally reach a 'Limits to Growth' situation here in N.Z. Of
course I didn't realise it at the time. This reminds me too of Lewin's
Force Field Analysis, i.e. work on the restraining forces. Bye.

My home page is:
Peter H. Jones Peopletronics, PO Box 30 451, Lower Hutt, N.Z. (04) 569 8875

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