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Andersen, Rainer: SCI (andersen.rainer@ic.gc.ca)
Tue, 05 Mar 1996 14:32:38 -0500

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Yes, Bill, your patriotism is showing, which is just fine with me - a
Yes, there is an alternative way. The two methods you propose will
not work within the current political and bureaucratic framework Sustained
will from the 'Top' runs against re-election needs Slah and burn is not
only painful, it is only a temporary remedy if at all effective.
We need a different way of managing within the government, which will
break us out the this very dilemma. I shall be publishing an elemental
approach to achieving this in June, and will count on people like you to
explore test and develop the concept further. Basically, it is a way of
managing complexity across organizations - an interorganizational learning
model. It is built on both theory and practical experimentation. I look
forwqrd to a critical response from people on this net.

Rainer Andersen <andersen.rainer.ic.gc.ca>

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