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>One aspect that fascinates me is the DELAY. My day to day experience
>tells me that it's easy to be wise after the event but not so easy to cope
>with a DELAY when you're actually experiencing it. And yet how we behave
>in DELAY situations seems to be critical. It seems to me to have a lot in
>common with LAG concept described in Strategy of the Dolphin, Lynch &
>Kordis, 88. Do you agree?
>In my business for example I may present several clients down here in New
>Zealand, with training proposals etc. I then wait for a response. And
>wait. The question then arises: Do I keep putting in new proposals with
>new prospective clients or do I wait?

Dear Peter:

Unaccustomed as I am to giving advice to anyone, I cannot resist
suggesting to you that the delays you encounter might follow a measurable
pattern, and that if you collect and analyze the data (or use your
intuition; whatever turns you on) you may get insight into the *cycle
time* of delay. TQ types would probably suggest that you then work on
reducing cycle time, but I think you'd have an easier time working out a
timing strategy and pursuing that.

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