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> Do you have any references to this "environment-structure-strategy"
> approach? Would this be a part of traditional "strategic planning"?
> Andrew Moreno

One of the 'classical' work on that area is HENRY MINTZBERG, 'The
Structuring of Organizations', 1979, Prentice Hall, describing the
different forms of structure and their relationship toward environment.

DANNY MILLER moved toward to integrate structure and strategy in
'Configurations of Strategy and Structure: Toward a Synthesis',
Strategic Management Journal, vol. 7, 1986, pp 233-49.

SUMATRA FHOSHAL and NITIN NOHRIA broadened the theory for
multinational corporations in 'Horses for courses. Organizational forms
for multinational corporations' (1993), Sloan Management Review, Winter,
pp 23-35.

I would not say that this works are part of the 'classical strategic
planning', but of course are or should be part of strategic management.

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