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28 Feb 96 14:06:53 EST

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Re: LO5865 & 5802
> Do you have any references to this "environment-structure-strategy"
> approach? Would this be a part of traditional "strategic planning"?
> Andrew Moreno

In addition to Wolfgang's references which deal with structure primarily
in the sense of the blame/responsibility hierarchy there is another way of
looking at strategy, structure and its environmental fit.

This approach uses the term structure in its general sense. The way it is
used in architecture, film, music, biology - in almost every other
discipline than in organisations.

The key book is

Robert Fritz **Corporate Tides** 1st edn 1994 Butterworth Heinemann UK
isbn 0-7506-2149-4

The second edition which is due from Berrett Kohler in the US in a couple
of months is even better - I've just finished doing the index for it.

Fritz has influenced a number of people including Peter Senge - they
founded Innovation Associates together with Charlie Kiefer - and Marv


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