The Equity Issue LO5866

Scott R. Cypher (
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 08:22:15 -0400

Replying to LO5858 --

> I think that teh evidence that they are not doing their job is
>precisely that the have to send so many people home in short nnotice to
>improve a balance for the current fiscal year. If they were doing the
>job, which includes both short-term actions and long-term vision, they
>will probably be able to anticipate the "death" of a product, for
>instance, to come up with new ones that will keep people and equipment

But how do we know if we are sending home the right people (those who
aren't doing their job). How do we even know if the problem is people
aren't doing their job? One issue could be the lack of a systematic
measurement system that creates accountabilities (something managers who
have discretionary decision making power avoid because of potential
failure) and indicates where performance is less than adequate. The
linkage between individual productivity to group productivity to
organizational productivity (and other dimension of performance) is
something that has not been empirically researched, and often not
considered at all in most organizational research. There is much
advocation about belief in cause and effect relationships within
organizations, but often these beliefs change between levels of the

-- (Scott R. Cypher)

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