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Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:01:18 -0800

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Mike McMaster wrote --

>There is another important distinction that is not missed (at least
>not completely) by Flores but is missing in most of those who have
>been introduced to systems - computer or verbal or otherwise - based
>on his work. The important distinction is "listening".
>That is, speaking is not the key factor to focus on. The key focus
>is much more powerfully listening. I listen for "Was a promise
>intended?" rather than the form of the conversation.

Michael, I dont think Winograd and Flores missed the key importance of
listening, not even partially.

In fact they went further and made what I think is the really powerful
distinction: that the speaker is responsible for the listening produced.
Listening is important, but the listening produced is the key, and that
falls back on the speaker.


Roberto Reichard

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