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Examining corporate change and how to manage it will be the focus
of the second annual Best Practices in Organization Development and
Change Conference on March 7-8, 1996.

The conferences intent is to create a forum for interaction and
discussion on ways and means to best implement new organization
practices. Representatives from companies that have successfully
implemented changes will share their insights and experiences.

Speaker info:

Thursday Speakers . . .
Bowling Green State University, Dr. Milt
Hakel, Eminent Scholar, Department of
Psychology. "Pressures for Change Today and Tomorrow"
Motorola, Mr. Eric McAllister, Manager,
Human Resources
The Andersons, Mr. Joe Christen, Manager,
Human Resources & Development
General Motors, Mr. Tony Hain, General
Director, Organization and Employee
Sun Microsystems, Dr. Ken Alvares, Vice President, Human Resources
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation,
Jerry Mills, Vice President, Human
Resources. "Role of Human Resources in Escalating Organizational
Ford Motor Company, Mr. John Little,
Manager, Organization Development. "The Ride to Going
Global...Roller Coaster or Tilt-A-Whirl?"
Levi Strauss & Company, Dr. Mary Edwards,
Director, Human Resources. "Secrets of Success: How Levi
Strauss & Company Survives Its Own Best Practices"

Friday Speakers . . .
Harley Davidson, Mr. Dave Baldwin,
Director, Organization Development & Training. "From a
Traditional Organization to a Circle Leadership Style"
The Medstat Group, Ms. Helen Moye, Vice
President, Human Resources
SUNY-Albany, Dr. Dianna Stone, Associate
Unisys Corporation, Dr. Ron Sims, Principal
Worldwide Information Systems. "The Age of the Customer:
Creating the PRO-Customer Company"
Banc One Ohio Corporation, Dr. Albert
Bianco, Vice President, Education & Development
General Mills, Mr. Jeff Walter and Mr. Doug
Behler, Manufacturing Technicians

Registration Form:


Name __________________________________
Title/Organization _________________________________________
Address _________________________________________
City/State/Zip ___________________________________
Phone ______________________________
Fax _____________________________
Additional Registrations for
Team Discount ______________________________
____Send transportation and hotel information
____Send information about the Executive M O D Program
____ CEU certification desired SSN ________________________________
Registration Fee: $375 per person, includes meals and handouts
$350 per person for three or more from same
organization, includes meals and handouts
Method of Payment:
____Check Enclosed (Payable to BGSU)
____Bill me
____ Visa ____ MasterCard ___ Discover
Card Number ______________________
Expiration Date _________________________
Cardholder Signature_________________________________________

Late registration fee after February 22, 1996 is an additional $50.
Cancellation fee is $100 after February 22, 1996.
If you are unable to attend the conference, you may send a substitute at no
extra charge.

Mail or fax registration to: Master of Organization Development Conference,
c/o Continuing Education, 40 College Park, Bowling Green State University,
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403; Phone (419) 372-8181; Fax (419) 372-8667

Hotel info: Falcon Plaza Best Western: (419) 352-4671.

Bowling Green State University
Master of Organization Development

Bowling Green State University (located in Northwest Ohio) offers a
graduate degree in Organization Development and Change which is aimed at
helping participants develop their skills in becoming more effective
organizational managers. The program is designed for owners of small
business, human resource personnel, training professionals, consultants,
and professional managers, as well as traditional graduate students.
Bowling Green is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges
and Secondary Schools and the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of
Business as providing the necessary intellectual climate to encourage and
support the offering of business programs of high academic quality.

Additional information is available by contacting the Master of
Organization Development office at Bowling Green:

- Phone (419) 372-8139
- FAX (419) 372-2875
- E-mail bpartin@bgnet.bgsu.edu


Brett Partin <bpartin@bgnet.bgsu.edu>

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