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Thu, 22 Feb 96 20:05:19 GMT

John wrote in message LO5771

> "are there any measures of effectiveness for assessing a learning
> organisation?"
> For example, we can measure the effectiveness of strategic planning by
> how well the strategic planning was executed (e.g the number of
> deviations from the strategic plan).

Sorry to disappoint you, but empirical work shows that there is
still *no evidence* for the performance that strategic planning improves
performance at all! If you measure the deviation from a strategy developed
by strategic planning, that does not mean, that the strategy will work at
all. You could find that there is no deviation, but if the strategy is not
appropriate, you may also decrease your performance.

I think that the same problem will occure with the concept of the
the learning organisation - we still do not know from empirical research
exactly if the learning organization improves performance at all (at least
as far as I know).

If anybody has now *empirical evidence* that the LO improves
company performance, we should discuss that - or please give me a message.

Wolfgang Schmid
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