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John asked, if there is some reference that strategic planning does not
increase performance:

> Do you have any references on this, (I agree with you, to some extent,
> but for other reasons.)
> John Conover

There is a paper by Gordon E. Greenley, 'Does Strategic Planning Improve
Company Performance?', Long Range Planning, vol. 19, no. 2, 1986, pp.

Gorden reviews 9 studies that tried to explore the correlation between
strategic planning and company performance. He concludes: 'The research
published to date, relative to manufacuring companies, is far from
conclusive in establishing a relationship between strategic planning and
company performance'.

Henry Mintzberg comes to the same conclusion - in his book 'The Rise and
Fall of Strategic Planning', Prentice Hall 1994, chapter 3.

If I did not answer some questions, I am sorry about that, but for
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