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Thu, 22 Feb 1996 11:36:38 -0800

Replying to LO5766 --

>Robert Axelrod has done a wonderfully accessible work on the
>development of trust "The Source of Cooperation" or some such title.
>He has advanced that work remarkable by develooping approaches with
>genetic algorithms looking at competing strategies.

I believe the book mentioned is "The Evolution of Cooperation" by Robert
Axelrod, Basic Books, 15 U$D paperback. Also investigate "The Prisoner's
Dilemma" by William Poundstone, Anchor Books, 12.95 U$D, paperback.

The last few chapters in the Poundstone book have a good overview of
iterative PD - the TIT for TAT strategy that can lead to the emergence of
cooperation between self-serving actors. For all of the details see the
Axelrod book.

Valdis Krebs
Krebs & Associates
Los Angeles, CA


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