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>On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Michael McMaster wrote:
>> Ginger asks, "If there are limited resources, isn't there a limit to
>> growth?"
>> According to physicists, we live in an expanding universe. According
>> to me, we live in a universe of ever increasing complexity. One
>> source of the increasing complexity is linguistic and, as far as I
>> know, there is no limit to this resource or this possibility.
>> Given that, there is not necessary limit to growth.

I tend to think that there may not necessary be a limit to growth, but
clearly there are limits to growth. A limit could imply that there is a
finite, a measurable point at which the subject item could not grow.
However, the problem with this is that there a countless variables that
will effect the limits by their relationship with the subject
organization/group/country/person/etc. Examining these relationships
through the utilization of archetypes can expand our ability to understand
what those limits are.


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