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The Teamwork for Employees and Managers Act (HR 743) has already been
passed by the US House of Representative and no one, to my knowledge, in
the employee involvement, teamwork, self-managing teams, etc. has been
involved with or been contacted by the sponsors of the bill in the House
and Senate (S. 295-same title)

I am very concerned that there has been no consultation by either the
House or the Senate with people who live with and/or practise employee
involvement, teamwork, participative management, etc. as a means to
improve work and worklife.

I am writing to a number of people and sharing this message with a number
of lists because the issue is of great importance to all working people.

The Senate Labor and Human Resources Committee is considering a bill
(S.295) and an already House passed bill (HR 743) amending the National
Labor Relations act. The Bill's common or short name is "The Teamwork for
Employees and Managers Act." The purpose of the act has been stated to be
to enable non-union firms use teams and employee involvement without
having to fear that they may be accused of setting up "company unions."

Copies of the bills may be downloaded from this WWWeb site:


This is a "search the 104th Congress" site. Enter H.R. 743 and S. 295 and
you can download copies of the bill.

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