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16 Feb 96 14:53:52

Has anyone seen or tried to devise a systemic diagram of the human mind's
thought processes - i.e. showing what affects and determines, and what
results from, assumptions, conclusions, principals etc.

Otherwise I might give it a go. . .

Host's Note: This is an interesting topic, about which I'm interested but
know little.

Charles S. Peirce wrote about the dynamics of how we come to believe the
things that we believe. In "The Fixation of Belief" (recommended by John
Warfield), Peirce argues that a state of doubt is uncomfortable, that
tend quickly to fix on a belief to end the doubt, and that we fix on
beliefs that propel us towards what we want, at least that seem to, in
the short run. This would be part of the model. This and other Peirce
writings are at <>

Argyris, et al, work a lot on the connections from beliefs to actions to
results and the culturally determined meanings that bias when we examine
data and draw inferences.

There's an intriguing book by David Bohm on my "to-read" pile. It's
entitled, _Thought as a System_ ISBN 0-415-11980-4 (hard bk) and ISBN
0-415-11030-0 (paper bk).

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