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A name associated with cognitive style mapping is the late Dr. Joseph
Hill, former Professor of Education and Associate Dean of Graduate
Studies at Wayne State. Dr. Hill attempted to integrate loose ends
from earlier cognitive style and other educational and psychological
preferences into one theory.

Hills intention was that eventually every course taught at the
college would be through five methods; lecture, programmed learning,
audiotape, videotape, and group seminars with peer tutors. Cognitive
Style Mapping would give information for assigning students to these
methods and for matching them with teachers whose teaching styles had
been measured in terms of another set of variables.

The Cognitive Style Inventory Hill developed is a paper-and-pencil
self-report on a Likert scale that takes from an hour to 3 1/2 hours
to administer of which there are now several versions.

Unfortunately, much of Dr. Hills materials were never published.
Dr. Hill began to try his model at Oakland Community College in
a Detroit suburb but he died quite unexpectantly.


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