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Replying to LO5678 --

LE>Has anyone seen or tried to devise a systemic diagram of the human mind's
LE>thought processes - i.e. showing what affects and determines, and what
LE>results from, assumptions, conclusions, principals etc.

LE>Otherwise I might give it a go. . .

Gavriel Salvendy, Purdue University, Editor for the "Handbook of Human
Factors", copyright 1987, page 124

Page 124 is the beginning of Chapter 2.4, Learning and Forgetting Facts
and Skills. On page 126 is a figure 2.4.1: The flow of information
through the human cognitive system. Boxes depict memories, links depict
information transformation actions accomplished during the various types
of processing cycles.

The Working Memory is fed:

1. environment by the perceptual processor

2. procedural memory by the cognitive processor

3. Performance by the motor processor

4. Declarative memory by the cognitive processor.

There are various tables that describe the four memories and the
processors as well as other things.

I hope this adds to the thread.


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