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Rol wrote:
>The idea that energy is infinite is irrelevant. There is a fixed amount
of energy that is economically available today. Therefore, the only
way for me to grow my business is to either do it at the expense of
another company, or wait until more energy becomes available, and
hope my ideas for its use result in me getting some of it. Waiting is
not realistic for many corporations.>

This reminds me something I read from Robert Fulghum:
"There are two journeys one must make to have balance-OUT there and
IN here. One depends upon the other. Every exit is an entrance. The
door swings both ways. The only way out is always in. To move on in
the world as it is, one must turn to resources within."

Sometimes I belive company executives feel as though they are burdenedwith
all decisions regarding layoff or company growth. Why can't
they turn within their company for answers? Seek out ideas. Lay out
the situation as clearly as possible and possible strategies; of which one
is layoff. They may be suprised by the response.

For now...
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