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Doug Seeley (100433.133@compuserve.com)
15 Feb 96 17:59:55 EST

Responding to Uri Merry in LO5577,

I want to affirm that I am fellow traveller in using fractals and their
linkage to holograms both metaphorically and theoretically for some time

I liked your discussion of fractal dimension applied, via self-similarity,
to the "relationship between order and chaos in the organization".

I wonder however, are there not a number of other axes to which a such a
measure can be utilized, and whether there is any theoretical work done on
multi-dimensional, fractal dimensionality which could be applied to the
organization? In particular I am thinking of the power, control and
communication relationships between individuals, between workcells,
departments, rich interactivity, internal coupling and external coupling,
and so on.....

Also, H.J. Warnecke in his book, The Fractal Company: A Revolution in
Corporate Culture (Springer-Verlag 1993) self-organization,
self-optimization, goal orientation, and dynamics as major features of a
fractal organization.... I wonder whether your dimension of "order" is
not too broad a definition?


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