Employee Commitment LO5556 -and contract

Mon, 12 Feb 96 21:26:12 GMT

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Re Employee Commitment LO5482 -and contract

Hi Jan,

> If you say beforehand that, in my case Human Resource Management, is making
> promises and implications they will not be able to hold, it is very likely
> that
> they will ignore these remarks, pretend you didn't make them, are unable to
> 'process' them and in the end will dismiss you as not-fitting in the
> organization.

Thank you for your comment. It seems to be the typical game that -
in the end - power and the question, who has power - decides about the
outcome of those games. My experience is that people know that, and
therefor protect themself - at least in large, bureaucratic systems that
do not really value individual performance, but group performance, it is
not hard to stay inside, protect yourself by delivering an average
performance, and hide your own frustration or inner dismissal. However,
even if it may be very likely that such a culture - as called 'role
culture' by Handy - is satisfied with an average performance, it is also
true that the company may not earn the full potential what high commited
people may be able to contribute. I think that is a pitty, but true for
many organizations.

Wolfgang Schmid
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