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John Conover (john@johncon.johncon.com)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 12:15:49 -0800

I have been reading the articles on small teams posted to the learning-org
conference, and stumbled across the following in the "INFOSYS: The
Electronic Newsletter for Information Systems Volume 3, Number 4 ISSN:
1173-3764 February 12, 1996," which quotes "Investor's Business Daily 17
Jan 96 A1,"

THE POWER OF SMALL TEAMS: Sun Microsystems chief technology officer
Eric Schmidt favors small teams and a focused approach to technical
problems: "The proper arrangement at a company is a very large
number of very small businesses. The best things were done by very
small engineering teams, because a small engineering team is forced
to make tradeoffs to do only one thing. They are very committed...
But small teams go against human nature. Human nature is to build
bigger and bigger enterprises." He cites examples to bolster his
argument: "Unix was developed by two people. Java was done by a
team of less than five, Mosaic was done by two to four people and
the Mac system was done by about 12 people. Even DOS was actually
developed by only two people." (Investor's Business Daily 17 Jan 96


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