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Fri, 09 Feb 96 13:56:02 EST

Replying to LO5447 --

Pay plans should be related to how a person's performance is
benefiting the bottom line and the business, and how their company is
doing will determine the relative size of their salary. In hard
times, staff should find salaries lower and increases fewer. In good
times, the company should compensate staff with higher bonuses, and
more increases.

If you tie a portion of the salary to the company's performance, or
the groups performance, or some combination, I go into work knowing
that if I do an average job, I'll get the minimum salary. If I help
the company do a fantastic job, I'll get some bonuses.

The measurement of how well a group or company is doing doesn't have
to be financial. I've heard where public servants (I think its the UK)
regularly ask its customers to fill out satisfaction surveys. If you
create service levels, and track them, everyone is well aware of how
well, or poorly things are going and will understand why they are, or
aren't well compensated.

Gary Scherling
Helping people help themselves


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