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Sun, 11 Feb 1996 19:16:36 -0500

Replying to LO5480 --

I like your description of how compensation should be. I only wish
that the majority of the population practiced it.

LE> Pay plans should be related to how a person's performance is
LE> benefiting the bottom line and the business, and how their company is
LE> doing will determine the relative size of their salary. In hard
LE> times, staff should find salaries lower and increases fewer. In good
LE> times, the company should compensate staff with higher bonuses, and
LE> more increases.
LE> If you tie a portion of the salary to the company's performance, or
LE> the groups performance, or some combination, I go into work knowing
LE> that if I do an average job, I'll get the minimum salary. If I help
LE> the company do a fantastic job, I'll get some bonuses.
LE> The measurement of how well a group or company is doing doesn't have
LE> to be financial. I've heard where public servants (I think its the UK)
LE> regularly ask its customers to fill out satisfaction surveys. If you
LE> create service levels, and track them, everyone is well aware of how
LE> well, or poorly things are going and will understand why they are, or
LE> aren't well compensated.
LE> Gary Scherling
LE> Helping people help themselves


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