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09 Feb 96 18:22:38 EST

Responding to Use of metaphors: Re LO5424

Enrique, You wrote, in replying to LO5380 --

>This is a very valid asumption, but the basic problem resides in getting
different people, who are to become part of an organisation, to FEEL
undifferentiatiated so that they can become a part of the WHOLE. It is
important to consider that oll cells of an organism have the same
information to begin with, even though they only use a part of it to do
their specific job (they all share the same vision and mission

FYI, Barry Oshry wrote a book "Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of
Organizational Life"(Berrett-Koehler, San Francisco) which elaborates your
point about undifferentiating as a necessary element in creating workable
human systems. An interesting and readable explication based on a two
decades-plus running learning lab.

Hey, maybe this book is already known to you? I just noticed that Margaret
Wheatley and Marvin Weisbord are endorsing it on the jacket.

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