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>How would you define teaching, coaching, managing and helping? Are there
>other words you'd use in this thread?

My belief is any word you choose is adequate, what is more important is
the context with which you use them.
-I won't talk about teaching without talking about learning,
-I won't talk about helping without understanding what it means to be helped,

For me, what's most important is that in talking only about 1/2 of a
dyadic relationship (teach, manage, coach, help), I miss the other half
(learn, accept decisions, accept feedback, accept assistance). All these
words we are using refer to a two interaction. In one class we're
discussing theories of teaching and learning, especially in the university
setting. We're commenting on the fact that the "model" of learning that
univeristy uses is 180 degrees out of phase with the body of research on
how people learn, and how teaching should therefore be approached. From
our work there, it is clear to me that to talk about teaching without
understanding how a learner learns is of little value. I'm tempted to
start discussing the characteristics of a teaching/learning model based on
the body of knowledge, but I'll hold off.

Again, I can work with any word you use in this thread. What's important
to me is understanding the assumptions that you have about that word, so I
understand you and what you are saying.

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