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"William J. Hobler, Jr." wrote :

"It is my perception that businesses run by and run in line with
Mormon principles are more 'spiritual' in culture. Is there any
correlation between their spirituality and their success (or lack of
success)? While I have the inclination to test this perception I am
not afforded the time. Does anyone have any thoughts in this

1. Several visits to a plant located in Utah did not indicate any
advantage over plants in non-Mormon locations, but then the majority (3:2)
of Snr. Managers were not Mormoms.

2. The history of the Quakers in England is one of remarkable success :
Canals, Railways, Banking, Biscuit and Chocolate businesses were dominated
by the Quakers in the last century. [Banking because they were so
trustworthy]. Certainly their spirituality was a factor in their success.
Dialogue was practiced as part of their meetings.

3. The Shakers in NY, MA and Kentucky were successful, except for not
letting the men & women mix [hence extinction, when, the last surviving
male & female married c.1960s] !

In Quaker-speak : "The spirit moved me to speak and it is wrong not to
speak when the spirit moves you. Equally, it is wrong to speak if you are
not moved by the spirit to speak". [I am not a Quaker]. Best Regards to

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