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Stewart Crick (cricks@ncr.disa.mil)
Wed, 07 Feb 96 07:52:50 EST

Rick suggested I post this to the group, so I don't think my original
post went through, so here it is again. Apologies to those who've seen

I have been a member of this group for a couple months. Mainly in the
passive mode sitting back and reading the various threads to get a feel
for the flow, so let me start by introducing my self. I've recently
begun work on my masters degree in George Washington University's Human
Resource Development program. My work background is US Navy Chief
Petty Officer (middle management) with primary experience in training,
career counseling, and a little bit of OD. I'm in the preliminary
stages of researching a paper on the contrasts and commonalties of TQM
and LO. I'm curious as to how practitioners and academics feel about
this. Do you view LO as an extension of TQM? As a retooled version of
TQM? Are they two separate entities that shall never cross paths? Or,
can they exist together? Another possibility, many TQM efforts fail
because the organizational culture is not adequately addressed, or
companies are not willing to wait for the long term investment a
cultural change takes. The Learning Organization philosophy seems to
focus more heavily on culture. Is this a "lessons learned" item from
TQM? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Stewart Crick

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